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Are you one of the thousands of Durham Region residents seeking new windows and doors in Pickering? With the window and door industry’s improvement in installation and manufacturing technology, many people are currently seeking to upgrade their old doors, and EuroStar in Pickering offers homeowners the perfect solution.

EuroStar is Pickering’s leading window and door installation company. As an Energy Star Canada Certified Partner, EuroStar offers only Energy Star Certified windows and doors – this means that you are guaranteed only products of the highest quality and energy efficiency. From top tier products to qualified installation teams, EuroStar Pickering has all you need to upgrade the look, energy efficiency, and functionality of your home.

Energy Efficient European Windows and Doors

Has your average monthly energy bill been bigger than expected? Did you know that your choice of doors and windows can drastically affect your hydro or utility bill? Investing in EuroStar windows and doors could save you hundreds. Every year, EuroStar windows save Pickering residents money that they would otherwise hand over to the energy companies, all because they have neglected to invest in an update for their windows and doors.

Outdated windows and doors simply do not retain heat and cold as well as they should. This forces your HVAC system to work much harder than it normally would, which ends up costing you money in different ways. First, you will notice that your monthly energy bill has inflated. Eventually, your HVAC system could even require costly repairs or replacements if forced to work hard year-round.

Every window and door provided by EuroStar Pickering is highly energy efficient. This means your energy bill will drop, and your HVAC system will perform better for longer. Furthermore, these products are not only good for your wallet and your heating equipment, but they are environmentally friendly as well! When you choose EuroStar products, you will quickly see the difference.

Superior Products at EuroStar Pickering

EuroStar windows bring more than an upscale aesthetic to your home – they are also a highly pragmatic choice, with a number of impressive features that ensure optimal performance.

The European windows and doors offered at our EuroStar Pickering location make use of a multi-chambered profile. This feature creates a tight, unbreakable seal that translates to savings and improved HVAC performance. Furthermore, this feature minimizes the chance of temperature-based deformation of the seal.

EuroStar’s weather-resistant material ensure your windows and doors will hold up for much longer than those offered by the competition. EuroStar European windows hold up against even the harshest of ultraviolet rays, and will stand strong in the face of hostile weather conditions.

Customizable European Windows and Doors

The European doors offered by EuroStar Pickering are not limited by size restrictions. This gives homeowners the chance to tailor their new portals to their vision of a dream home. French, tilt and turn, bi-folding, and sliding European doors can all be fully customized to accommodate large openings, thereby giving you total design freedom when outfitting your home.

Why choose EuroStar?

With over 30 years experience, EuroStar Pickering stands as an industry leader in the manufacturing of windows and doors. Home and business owners recognize how residential and commercial spaces are enhanced by the use of European Vinyl Technology, and have chose EuroStar Pickering to update their properties with this stylish and money-saving technology.

Combining quality, performance, and competitive pricing, EuroStar has distinguished themselves as Pickering’s preferred European window and door manufacturer in Canada. Our outstanding customer service and products help keep EuroStar as a frontrunner in the world of windows and doors.

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