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Casement windows provide you with the opportunity to enjoy large, unobstructed views while still giving you the option to open them and enjoy fresh air circulation. This style opens similarly to a door, and is hinged vertically on the outside of the frame.

Casement windows
  • Casement windows provide maximum airflow
  • Superior airtight seal gives optimal weatherproofing and efficiency
  • High security with multiple point locking system and strong stainless steel hinges
  • Removable screen and 90 degree opening to allow for easy cleaning from inside your house
  • 7/8″ or 1 3/8″ insulating glass with low-E and argon standard
  • Tape glazing and flexible seal protect against leaks and provide additional strength
  • Clean appearance fits with all architectural styles


  • Save on Your Heating Bill

    To keep your home feeling comfortable year round, eliminating cold drafts in the winter and keeping the hot sun out in the warm months. The use of this high efficiency material combined with our precision installation provides you with the best possible return on your investment. You can decrease your monthly heating bill, while increasing the value of your home by relying on our expert sales and service.

  • Air and Water Tight

    EuroStar’s top of the line products provide you with maximum protection against drafts and leaks. Utilizing a tape glazing system and a flexible seal between the glass and frame, and a hidden drainage system that moves moisture outwards, your quality windows and skilled installation will give you the best weatherproofing possible.

  • Customize your Look

    You can use this style side by side, combined with other styles, or as a standalone pane. Customize your look by selecting the frame, and hardware that fits your budget and compliments your architecture and décor.

    Awning windows create a fresh and contemporary look while providing excellent airflow and natural light. This style is hinged at the top, allowing the pane to swing upwards to open. As a result of the sheltering the opened glass creates above the screen, this style allows full ventilation without the threat of water leaking in, even during a rainstorm.


  • You want maximum ventilation, even in times of rain
  • Your window is placed high on the wall
  • It is not to be installed in a high traffic area of your exterior home

Strength and Longevity

Our top of the line products offer multi-chambered frames which increase strength and insulation, and hidden drainage systems that get rid of moisture without looking tacky. The stainless steel components will not rust, ensuring smooth and easy operation as they age.


Casement vinyl window
Casement window Camber top casement window


  • Triple sealed frame for efficiency and waterproofing
  • 7/8″ or 1 3/8″  insulated glass with Low-E coating & Argon gas
  • Sleek operating handle

Low E & Argon for Increased Efficiency

We replace the air between our glass panes with argon gas, which prevents heat loss because it moves much slower than oxygen. In addition, a low E coating is applied to the glass. This contributes to energy savings by rejecting the heat of the sun in the summer, and reflecting back the heat of your furnace in the winter.

Increase the Value of your Home

Contact EuroStar today to request a free quote for casement windows & awning windows replacements, and make a smart investment into increasing the value of your home.